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We are one of the market’s leading dynamic companies, specializing in the field of construction, development and real estate projects. Our company offers a variety of services, including combination deals and TAMA 38 projects. We offer immediate solutions for new residential construction, reinforcement and improvement of buildings located in sought after areas across the country.

The Management Team

Company Chairman – Dr. Raanan Cohen – Background and experience in management. Formerly the Minister of Labor and Welfare, Chairman of the Development and Industry Bank and currently a member of the management of Migdal Ltd., member of the board of Neto Melinda Trade Ltd., member of the board of Zerah Oil and Gas Explorations and Chairman of Mivtach Simon, Israel’s largest pension insurance agency.

Attorney David Azoulay – Active in the field of real estate, with background and experience in management and project implementation, involved in a large number of real estate projects with the Bereshit Group and other companies.

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